Thunderground Storm Shelters are designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically to keep your family safe from even the worst storms. You never know when bad weather might hit. If you live in Oklahoma City, Tulsa or anywhere in Tornado Alley, protect your family and co-workers and take cover Thunderground.

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storm shelter tax rebate

The SoonerSafe - Safe Room Rebate Program was developed by the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management to provide a rebate for purchase and installation of safe rooms and storm shelters for Oklahoma homeowners.

customer reviews

Thunderground is proud of the safety and service it provides its past and future customers. Don't believe us? Check out the great reviews from our satisifed Oklahoma storm shelter customers.


$150 Off Deposit

Get a free, no obligation quote before May 1st, 2014 and receive $150 off your deposit.

Offer valid on underground storm shelters in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri


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