Underground Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms in Oklahoma City

If you live in the greater Oklahoma City metro area, you’ve seen enough destruction to know safety is a top priority from severe weather. You’re going to encounter high winds, hail, lightning and tornadoes – it’s just a matter of time. Is your family prepared? Do you have Oklahoma City's most trusted underground garage storm shelter or above ground safe room?

We’ve designed underground storm shelters and above ground safe rooms to be tornado tough. Of course there are a lot of storm shelters and safe rooms on the Oklahoma City market (many of which aren’t even built to FEMA standards). So what makes Thunderground’s storm shelters and safe rooms the top of the line?

• Actually designed by an engineer, not just an engineer seal
• Built to meet or exceed FEMA specifications
• Certified by the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University
• Rated to withstand an EF-5 tornado
• Constructed with ¼” steel doors
• Tall enough for a 6’3” person to stand in

And since our storm shelters are built to meet or exceed FEMA standards, Oklahoma City Metro residents qualify for the storm shelter rebate.

Keep your family safe.

Forget about climbing in the bathtub. Storm shelters and safe rooms are the only proven way to keep your family safe from OKC's deadly storm season. We’d like to help. Let us show you how a Thunderground storm shelter or safe room will get you out of harm’s way. When Mother Nature strikes Oklahoma City, storm shelters and safe rooms are the only way to ensure your family's safety.


P. 405.310.3527 | F. 405.701.4022

1217 Sovereign Row #103 | Oklahoma City,OK 73108
P. 405.310.3527 | F. 405.701.4022


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